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Locksmith The Hague

Elected most reliable locksmith in The Hague and surroundings.

At Locksmith The Hague we have a 24-hour service 7 days a week. Our qualified locksmiths are therefore always ready to help you quickly and professionally with all locksmith services. Do you need urgent help because, for example, you have been broken into or locked out? Our recognized specialists can be at your location in The Hague within 20 minutes.
Locksmith The Hague
Locksmith The Hague

Emergency service

We are available day and night, even on weekends. Our emergency locksmiths are on site within 20 minutes of your call to help you with your locks as soon as possible.

Locksmith The Hague

Certified Locksmith

Our locksmiths are specialized in opening locks replacing and repairing locks and repairing burglary damage.

Locksmith The Hague

Advantageous rates for locksmith services

Locksmith Expert opens locks for the lowest price. You can also use our advantageous rates when repairing locks and installing burglary-resistant locks.


Locksmith Patrick is the right person if you want to know more about burglary prevention. Together with you, he can see what you want and which security best suits the home. Of course, the available budget is always taken into account.

lock expert


When you have a lock that can no longer be opened, Jeremy is the one to turn to. It can open almost any keyless lock for you without damaging it. This is beneficial for you because you can still use the lock afterwards.

Lock specialist


Do you want to have a new lock placed on the front door? Then locksmith Vincent can give you good advice. We only install the best locks that have an SKG certificate, but there is still a wide choice here too. With Vincent's help, you always choose the best lock for your home.


Emergency service in The Hague

In many cases, you want an immediate solution to problems with your locks. By being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Locksmith The Hague offers reliable emergency service. This means we are always at your service as quickly as possible. Within 20 minutes, our experienced locksmiths are with you to open doors without damage or to replace locks professionally.
Locksmith The Hague

24 hours, seven days a week

You can use our emergency service 24/7. So that's really always the case.

Often within 22 minutes

This is the maximum time that our locksmith needs to be with you to solve your lock problem.

1, 2 or 3 stars

These are the number of stars on a SKG-certified lock that indicate how safe it is.

Change locks

There are several reasons to replace your lock. For example, we recommend that you replace your locks when they are damaged or outdated. A lock is obsolete when it no longer opens and locks easily. In addition, we always recommend having your locks replaced when you have moved. This ensures that the previous residents no longer have access to your home. Finally, we recommend that you change your locks when you lose your key.Our locksmiths are certified, so you have the guarantee that we will replace your lock without any problems. Our locksmiths are on site within 20 minutes, so you won’t be locked out for long. First of all, we look at your current slot. What type of lock is this and do you want this type again? Then we get to work on replacing the lock. This may mean that we only replace the cylinder or remove the entire lock. We do this extremely accurately, so that your door remains undamaged.
Locksmith The Hague
Locksmith The Hague

Emergency locksmith The Hague

A break-in can make you feel unsafe. That is why, after a burglary, we are ready to repair the damage and install new locks if necessary. We also check whether opening windows can be fitted with the latest locks. The harder you make it for a burglar, the smaller the chance that he will break into your home or continue the burglary attempt. We replace old locks with new ones with the recognized SKG safe mark. Even if a burglary has not been successful, it is wise to have your locks replaced, so that they again meet all security requirements.

Frequently asked questions Locksmith The Hague

What does an SKG quality mark mean?

SKG is an independent body and stands for Foundation Quality Gevelbouw. This organization tests the hinges and locks in houses for quality, safety and durability. When the hinges and locks meet these requirements, they receive an SKG quality mark. This quality mark is classified on 3 different levels. For example, the quality mark stands with 1 star for a standard burglary-resistant lock, 2 stars for a heavy burglary-resistant lock and three stars for extra heavy burglary-resistant.

Core pulling, what is it?

There are several ways to break in and core pulling is one of them. It is a favorite way for burglars, because the door can be opened almost silently. The cylinder is pulled out of the lock with professional tools, making it easy to open the lock with a construction key. Prevent this by installing a core pull protection.

What exactly is a core pull protection?

A core pull protection is a security on the hinges and locks that protects the cylinder against drilling and pulling out a cylinder. There is also a rotating rosette in front of the keyhole, so that the burglar cannot screw in a drill screw. The outer shield is always mounted from the inside so that no screws are visible.

Can my bent key still be used?

We recommend everyone to have a new key made when the key is bent. If your key has become warped, it creates a weak spot, which makes it easy to break off when you open or close the lock.

I have an older lock, is it still safe?

Today, most locks have an SKG quality mark. When locks have this quality mark, they are often skipped by burglars, because they cannot be opened and they also make a lot of noise when broken. The older locks are therefore less secure and burglars unfortunately know this too. These locks are easier to open.

Can I duplicate my keys at a locksmith?

Yes, a professional locksmith can duplicate your keys. This is useful if you need extra keys for your family members or trusted friends.

Joshua from The Hague

“I have already used the services of Locksmith The Hague several times and can recommend them wholeheartedly. They provide fast and professional service.”
Top service

Lisa from The Hague

“After a bad experience with another locksmith, I contacted Locksmith Expert. They were able to help me neatly and quickly without asking ridiculously high amounts for it.”

Lisa from The Hague

“When we returned from the holiday, it turned out that there had been a break-in. That is of course never fun, but the boy from Locksmith Expert has in any case helped us quickly and neatly.”

Work area

Work area Locksmith The Hague

The locksmiths who are employed by us work in a not too large area. This ensures that they can always be present quickly to someone when an urgent job arises. So you never have to wait long for help with a lock problem. Our locksmiths work throughout The Hague, so it doesn’t matter which neighborhood or street you live in. They are really everywhere, all over the city. Our professionals are sent on the road immediately after your call so that there can be no delay.